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Custom Handmade Moroccan Rugs: An Intricate Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Moroccan rugs, renowned for their unique designs and superior quality, have long been a favorite choice for homeowners and interior designers worldwide. These handmade wool rugs, also known as area rugs or Moroccan carpets, effortlessly blend tradition with modernity, offering an elegant touch to any space. Whether you seek a classic Beni Ourain or a vibrant Boujad, the diversity in Moroccan rug styles is truly fascinating. So, let’s delve into the world of these exquisite rugs, touching upon their origin, styles, customization options, and more.

The Origin of Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs have a rich history that dates back centuries. These rugs were initially handcrafted by the Berber tribes of Morocco, known for their exceptional weaving skills. The rugs crafted by these tribes, such as the Beni Ourain and Mrirt, have gained significant popularity over time due to their intricate patterns and the high-quality wool used in their creation.

The Diversity in Moroccan Rug Styles

When it comes to Moroccan rugs, there is a wide array of styles to choose from. Let’s delve into some of the popular ones:

Beni Ourain Rugs

Beni Ourain rugs, characterized by their geometric patterns and plush wool pile, are a top choice for spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. Their monochrome color scheme, typically in shades of black and white, complements a variety of interior styles, from traditional to modern.

Mrirt Rugs

Mrirt rugs or Beni Mrirt rugs are known for their dense weave and deep pile, offering a luxurious feel underfoot. These rugs are generally made in solid colors, making them an excellent choice for adding a touch of elegance and warmth to your décor.

Vintage Moroccan Rugs

Vintage Moroccan rugs are prized for their unique, time-worn look. These rugs, often dyed with natural pigments, feature traditional Moroccan motifs, offering an authentic touch to your space.

Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs, also known as flatweave rugs, are a versatile choice for any room. These rugs are typically characterized by their geometric patterns and lack of pile, which allows them to lie completely flat on the floor.

Customizing Your Moroccan Rug

In addition to the ready-made options, there’s also the possibility of getting a customized Moroccan rug. This option allows you to tailor the rug to your specific requirements, be it in terms of design, color, size, or pile height. Here’s a brief overview of the custom order process:

  1. Choose Your Design: You can select from a wide array of designs available or even provide your own reference image. The design can range from traditional Moroccan motifs to abstract or geometric patterns.
  2. Determine the Size: Whether you need a small rug for a cozy nook or an oversized one for a spacious living room, you can specify your desired dimensions, and the rug will be woven accordingly.
  3. Pick the Colors: You can choose the colors for your custom rug from a spectrum of options. Whether you prefer natural, undyed wool hues or vibrant tones achieved through vegetable dyes, the choice is all yours.
  4. Decide on the Pile Height: The pile height of the rug can also be customized. You can opt for a high-pile rug for a plush feel, a low-pile rug for a more refined look, or a flatweave Kilim for a minimalist appeal.

Once all specifications are decided, the rug is handcrafted by skilled artisans, keeping you updated with regular progress reports.

Selecting the Perfect Moroccan Rug for Your Space

Selecting the right Moroccan rug involves considering various factors such as the rug’s size, color, style, and the room where it will be placed. For instance, a vibrant Azilal rug might be an excellent choice for a kid’s room, while a neutral Beni Ourain rug might be more suitable for a minimalist living room. Similarly, a runner rug could be ideal for a hallway, while a large rug would work well under a dining table.

The Uniqueness of Each Moroccan Rug

Each Moroccan rug is handwoven, making it a unique piece of art. The slight variations in patterns and colors, the unique knots and weaves, and even the imperfections all contribute to the rug’s uniqueness, adding to its charm and value.

Caring for Your Moroccan Rug

Proper care is essential to maintain the beauty and longevity of your Moroccan rug. Regular vacuuming, spot cleaning for spills, and professional cleaning every few years are recommended. Also, rotating the rug periodically ensures even wear.

The Beauty of Moroccan Rugs in Interior Design

The timeless elegance of Moroccan rugs has made them a staple in interior design. Their versatility enables them to blend seamlessly into various décor styles, from bohemian to modern, rustic to contemporary. A Moroccan rug can be the perfect focal point in a room, adding warmth, texture, and a touch of exoticism.

Supporting Local Artisans

When you purchase a Moroccan rug, you’re not just buying a beautiful piece of décor; you’re also supporting the local artisans and preserving a centuries-old craft. Many rug sellers work directly with weaving cooperatives in Morocco, ensuring fair trade practices and supporting the economic development of these communities.


Whether you’re looking for a rug to anchor your living room, add warmth to your bedroom, or inject some color into your kitchen, a Moroccan rug can be the perfect choice. And with the option to customize, you can create a rug that truly reflects your taste and style. So, why wait? Explore the world of Moroccan rugs today and transform your space into a beautiful and cozy haven.

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